Sensemaking has emerged as a critical skill for leaders in this VUCA world. In this episode, I cover: What is sensemaking and what does it entail? Why...View Details

In this VUCA world where there is a lot of stress and chaos, the emotional intelligence of leaders can create a conducive environment for high perform...View Details

In this VUCA world, with constant change in the environment, there can be many distractions, disruptions and disappointments. How do you respond to th...View Details

Want to know what will help you thrive in this VUCA world? In this episode I cover: Why is it critical for leaders to be adaptive? What is at the core...View Details

In this VUCA world, the credibility of the leader is important for the success of any organisation. Want to know why it is important for leaders to bu...View Details

Leading in a VUCA world

Conventional leadership models have been inadequate in preparing leaders for the VUCA world that we operate in today. In this episode, I share a leade...View Details

Want to know how to deal with the current crisis and stay relevant in your market and as a leader? In this episode I cover:

What makes it important...View Details

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